Uncommon Enemies is a short film written and directed by Alex Hatz from Toronto, Canada that has won 3 awards, received 3 nominations and received 8 official selections to film festivals including Canada, USA and Europe. In the 2015 the film was signed for a worldwide distribution deal with a US based film distribution company.

Uncommon Enemies: A hard-boiled US Sergeant and a chatterbox Nazi must join forces to destroy a sexy, French damsel with a dark secret.

From the Director:

This film started off as a challenge from my DP Dennis Hingsberg to write a short horror film that we could shoot in a couple of days. I’ve always wanted to make a WW2 film and thought why not add some laughs and a vampire to make things interesting. I wrote the Nazi part for the very funny James Gangl who jumped on board immediately as both an actor and producer, and brought in his friends: the talented Michael Cram, Melanie Scrofano and AJ Vaage to round out the fabulous cast. The location of the barn was a great find, and adds so much to the production value of the film. The costumes, the make-up, the music, the special effects, both practical and digital all came together nicely thanks to the hard work of my great crew. I’m very proud of this little film and the great people who helped make it.

Alex Hatz is a director, writer, actor and improviser who specializes in comedy. His credits range from feature films and shorts, TV commercials, web series and stage shows. He currently has many interesting projects “in development.” You can view more of his work at www.alexhatz.com

From the Co-Producer/Director of Photography:

The film was shot over two very long days in the basement of a real barn built in 1897 located in Bradford, Ontario. We used the newly released Sony F55 shooting at 4K and mostly an old Tokina 28-70mm f2.8 lens, and the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. It was edited in Premiere Pro, and grading was done in DaVinci Resolve. Visual effects were done using Nuke and After Effects.

Dennis Hingsberg is an award winning producer and cinematographer who has earned countless Official Selections to film festivals across Canada for his work. He works as a freelance Director of Photography and runs his full fledged film service production company StarCentral Productions. He has also recently launched StarCentralFilms.com – a new division dedicated to producing and financing independent feature films.